Video Shooting Mistakes To Avoid

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How many of you have shot videos where someone else starred in them? Many…well then that’s great. Shooting videos, just like taking pictures is a skill that you are either naturally just good at, or you develop as you learn. And so, some of these videos you have taken might look really cool while the others might not. However, if you want to become better at what you are doing you need to be able to learn from your mistakes and that is the most important. So here are some mistakes you need to know when it comes to shooting videos.

Not framing it right

Just like when you are taking pictures, in videography Townsville as well, framing or the composition matters a lot. Look at not only your subject but also everything else that is surrounds it. There is always that tendency to take pictures or videos of people where unconsciously it looks like a telephone pole is popping out of their head or a tree is going through them. So make sure that before you take the picture or shoot the video, you look at how the subject and everything else in the background looks like in the frame.

Ignoring the importance of lighting

Normally any of the professional videographers Magnetic Island would agree that shooting when the sun is at its peak is not a great idea at all. This is because when the subject or person is placed under it, the natural light causes their eyes to look like endless dark pools on the frame. So either you find an alternative to get rid of it by using more light or a reflector or create artificial shading for the subject so that this high intensity light doesn’t get in the way.

Filming people eating

No one really looks good while stuffing their mouths with food! Well may be there are some… but a majority just look bad. So no one really likes them being filmed while they eat. And as the person shooting the video make sure that you respect that and work around this. Either find someone who is already done with their meal or go beforehand! This way you get a clear shot of what you want and no one is made uncomfortable either.

Not concerned of the background

While in a good picture the backdrop matters a lot, in a good video the background matters a lot. There shouldn’t be too much going on in the back that it distracts the viewer from the subject. In other words, if your background is messy either you switch it up or set it the way you want it to look.

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